Monday, December 2, 2013

{Thanksgiving 2013}

I haven't been able to photograph much lately. Life has been hectic and being a single mom and full time student has caught up with me in the energy depletion department. LOL. I know skipping your time to photograph is a big no no, so I need to start doing it again. But I did download a new app for my iPhone called Camera+. It's supposed to take really great pictures and compared to the built in camera app I think it does a great job.

This Thanksgiving we decided to just head out to our local Cracker Barrel since two family members had the sneezeys anyway.

I was able to capture my daughter having a good time on one of the rocking chairs out front. I love her sweet smile.

I hope everyone captured lots of great memories with family this year and don't forget to take pictures for Christmas as well!

The next one was also taken with Camera+, as we were rushing out the door to get to her preschool. This day was her school's Thanksgiving lunch for students and parents. It was a great little lunch and everyone raved about her outfit. :-)

(The above outfit is by Giggle Moon and the outfit below is Mustard Pie, both available from, one of my affiliations.)

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