Wednesday, October 16, 2013

{Amazing experience}

This is not a picture that should be looked at for composition, lighting, etc. This picture is just for the rememberance of the experience, even with my camera shooting high speed I still couldn't capture the awesomeness of this dog.

I had the honor of attending a demonstration from our city's K-9 unit in the police department. We learned a lot about the dogs, their handlers, and their job responsibilities.

Thanks for sharing SAPD!

And no the dog is not sick, too thin, etc. His diet is scientifically based, Americans feed our animals way too much. He is in absolutely perfect condition. The K-9 unit uses an Army veterinarian.

The second shot was taken during the "bite" demonstration. This officer is a tall man, and built. When the K-9 attacked he nearly knocked him over each time. This K-9 weighs about 75 lbs. Pure muscle.

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